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I received the parcel from p oco and I can say that it is of unique quality. The fabric is soft and delicate, allowing air to pass through effectively. The skin breathes, it does not sweat, even though it is the product is strongly anchored in the breast."" When I read FlyBra's reviews on the internet in forums, I really didn't believe it was possible. I'm used to wearing heavy suspenders and hooks, but I decided to try it. The result is that it's fine, never slips, and gives a unique shape to the breast. Yesterday I danced all night long in a night club and I didn't have to put the bra on my feet. I recommend to all girls Fly Bra you won't regret.

The invisible Fly Bra bra provides a beautiful rounded shape to any kind of breast and makes it possible to forget the complexes about physical appearance. The greatest advantage of the invisible bra is that it does not have braces and hooks. The "Fly Bra" bra - it's a great decision for girls who like to have an effect look. It forms an ideal dimple between the breasts, increases breast measurements and gives a silhouette that leaves everyone speechless.

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Fly Bra

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